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Bill, I’m just really so blessed that I met you. I had an accident. I fell in a store in december of 2010. For 2 years, I went through therapy. The therapy helped me each day that I would go and I had some release from my back pain. But after each day, I was right back and never thought I would ever have a quality of life again until I came across you. As a result of it, not only have you reduced the pain level, you’ve also shown me how to manage my disability, which is something I understand that I will have. But because of you, I’m able to cope with it. I’m able to sustain it. I’m thankful for the knowledge and confidence that you have given me in being able to understand how to manage my pain.

Learning what I can do and what I can’t do. How to stand at my easel. As you know, I’m a professional artist. I had actually been to the point that I was unable to paint for two years. I just couldn’t stand at the easel. I couldn’t sit down. I was absolutely miserable and depressed. I can say you’ve given me my life back with your unique ability of how to approach the patient and give them confidence and knowledge and release. So, I thank you so much and I’m so blessed for the opportunity of meeting you, getting to know you, and realizing that life goes on. I still have quality of life because of Bill Reif. My belt was another area that you addressed saying that it is going to help me quite a bit. I got the belt. I use it when I’m standing. I use it at my easel. I put my leg up like you taught me to do and just being cognizant of what I need to do has really made me feel quite good. In fact, I’ve carried your message to other people when they have back problems. I say 'Well, meet my friend Bill and you will be able to cope and have a quality of life with your disability.'


I’ve been seeing Bill because of my back pain, which has really been on and off for a very long time. I talked to Bill about it and he explains “you’ve had four kids and this kind of thing is going to knock your joint out of place”. He’s trying to fix it. So, I’ve been seeing him and he’s giving me exercises to do. He’s told me about a belt to wear, which has really helped a lot. I have a rubber band to do exercises and with his help it has really improved. My problem was even just getting out of bed. Just getting up in the morning. It was really painful. Any time I’m sitting. A long car ride. A plane ride. Things like that. Getting up was really difficult for me, so now even before I’m getting out of bed, I’m doing the exercises that he gave me. That has worked the best. He’s limited the amount of exercises. Because when I first started doing it, it was a lot of exercises, and I was sort of getting lost in it. Now, he sent me pictures of them, explained it to me, showed me videos, and there’s like four or five of them that I do. There’s a couple that my husband helps me with and together we’re getting me better and I’m able to do a lot more. I ran the peachtree road race yesterday. I wore my belt and it really helped. I wasn’t in such bad pain today. I’m going on a long plane ride in a couple days. I have my belt packed. I have my lumbar pillow and all these things that Bill has told me to do. Throughout all this he has really helped me and I really appreciate it. Thanks Bill!


Hi, my name is Rita and I’m a patient of Bill’s. The pain started in my knee and that was about three years ago. I went to an orthopedist and he said I had tendonitis. Then, I started having pain in my foot. I went to a podiatrist and he also said I had tendonitis. But, nothing really helped with any of that. Then, I was in yoga one day. I felt something kind of go out of place. I had a lot of pain in my hip and go down my leg. At that point, I decided I probably needed a physical therapist. I went and started seeing Bill and he taught me some exercises. He suspected that it was an SI problem. I was quite skeptical. I’ll be honest. But, he suspected it and started giving me different exercises for SI. He also adjusted me and that really helped. Today, I basically use an SI belt. I do the exercises that Bill taught me and I’m pretty much pain-free. When the SI goes out of whack, I see Bill, or I adjust it myself with exercises. I use the SI belt mostly for physical activities. 

I’m really grateful to Bill for keeping me pain-free and allowing me to do the stuff that I love to do. Bill taught me that any type of asymmetrical exercise is what causes the SI to go out of whack. So today if I do anything, I do exercises on both sides. When I do Yoga, I make sure that I do the same exercise or pose on both sides and that pretty much keeps me in line. If anything goes out of line, then I have specific exercises that Bill taught me.


My name is Sharon. I’m sixty-four years old. I’ll be sixty-five in a few weeks. It’s probably been a year to a year and a half now I’ve had this hip pain and I have not been able to get rid of it. I have limited mobility and it hurts when I climb stairs and walk and I just haven’t been able to figure out where it came from. My left hip is fine. It was just the right one. I do yoga and I noticed it specifically in my yoga classes with the limited mobility on that right side and I couldn’t understand what happened. So, I bought books and I read and I tried different exercises in the books. I did massage and everything helps temporarily, but I never discovered what my problem was. 

I feel like Bill really empowered me to do the exercises once I understood what was going on. I could do the exercises with more confidence that this was the right thing to do and as long as I’m doing the exercises, I’m getting better. Now of course, my personality is such that I do the exercises, and then I think I should be just fine and I don’t do the exercises and I get busy then I’m discouraged again thinking nothing’s gonna help, but I can tell you that if I do these exercises then I’m better but I guess it’s a lifelong thing for me and that’s what he keeps telling me so I just keep trying not to get discouraged.


bass player, metallica

Bobby Canecchio has brought me a new path of strength, both in body and mind. In this adventure that is supposed to be Rock ‘n’ Roll party all night, the reality is the power of a 2 hour plus performance comes from a custom training regimen, Bobby Canecchio’s hands, and knowledge! His intricate stylized deep stretch routine whips me into gig mode, not to mention his positive pep talks and spiritual vibes.

Cheers to Bobby!


Atlanta center for athletes

I have practiced orthopedic surgery and sports medicine in Atlanta for over 30 years. I was a Fellow with two renowned sports medicine surgeons who taught me that a good result and return to function for the athlete, as well as the weekend warrior, depends on both excellent surgery and excellent rehabilitation. For professional rehabilitation and treatment for both non-surgical and surgical injuries I highly recommend Body Pros. Body Pros is the physical therapy practice that has it all – professionalism, knowledge, resources and facilities. I know from experience over the years that Bobby Canecchio has successfully rehabilitated multiple high school, college and professional athletes. Body Pros has always delivered exceptional patient care and treatment. The outcomes are remarkable and above expectation.


I’m a tennis player and have had a bad shoulder injury for years – it hurt every time I would serve or hit an overhead. I thought I would just play through the pain and it would go away when I stopped in between seasons. Well that didn’t happen! After seeing Bill Reif at Body Pros, it no longer hurts to serve anymore AND I’ve got a great serve! Who knew!?! I’ll highly recommend you to my other tennis buddies.


Over the years I have learned to trust only Body Pros for any physical therapy/rehabilitation. Body Pros therapists are knowledgeable, conscientious, and listen to the patient while carefully providing and monitoring a path towards progress. As a senior it is very important that I maintain my strength and mobility. Following injuries I have had, Bobby and Terry have improved and preserved my back, neck, and shoulder. With their guidance and expertise I have had the good fortune of avoiding surgical procedures. Additionally, my husband experienced problems with his feet and was very pleased with Bill’s help. I am forever grateful to Body Pros for providing excellent results, and I sincerely recommend them to anyone seeking the best!


I had non-displaced fracture with tendonitis thickness tears on my right arm/shoulder. Before I came to Body Pros, I could not raise and move my arm. I had physical therapy at other therapy centers, and the improvement of my injury was very limited. My Orthopedic doctor decided to refer me to Body Pros at Duluth/Johns Creek location. After three months of physical therapy, I can now raise my arm all the way up and move my arm freely. I found the people who work at Body Pros are experienced and treat patients very kindly. Bobby not only shows genuine caring, compassion, and concern for his patients but also is truly dedicated to his profession and to helping people. I strongly recommend Body Pros and hope patients with orthopedic problems can also be taken good care of by this remarkable therapy center. Thank you very much.


I came to Bobby with a frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tendinosis. I had previously tried another physical therapy facility and wasn’t happy at all. I could tell as soon as I walked in to Body Pros that I was going to like it. The facility was exactly what I thought a physical therapy facility should look like…it was open and clean with lots of equipment and Kimberly & Kelly at the front desk made me feel so welcome! I met with Bobby and he knew what was wrong with me within minutes & we began a rigorous routine that I would continue to improve upon for the next few months. Everything I had read about a frozen shoulder led me to believe that I was in for a long and painful recovery…anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. I am happy to say that after only 2 months of therapy with Bobby, I have my mobility back and I am playing tennis again! Kudos to Bobby and his staff at Body Pros for giving me my life back!